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Glam II is excited to bring you the very best in spray tanning!

Norvell is rated #1Sunless Tanning Brand

Naturally derived and made with organic ingredients and a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants for that just off the beach natural long last tan! 

Norvell Is Gluten, Paraben, Cruelty, Sulfate Free and 100% Vegan

Check us our for custom professional airbrush sunless tanning!

Appointments available with Brianna or Nichole!

Preparing for your appointment:

Remember you need to wait between 3 and 8 hours before you can shower off your tan so plan your time accordingly 

(This means no gym, sweating, bathing your children, washing dishes etc!)

Exfoliate at least the day before your appointment, we recommend 2 full body exfoliations, especially elbows, knees, hands and feet, the more exfoliated the more even your tan will be!

Wax or shave the day before

Skip all lotions and make up the day of your appointment as they will interfer with the tan absorbing

Wear loose fitting darker clothing as the spray does have a cosmetic bronzer which typically comes out of fabric however we cannot guarantee it

Lashes should be done prior to spray tanning as the tapes and gel pads will take off your tan, if lash extensions are being done same day you may opt to skip your face!

During your appointment:

Undress to your level of comfort (undergarments, bathing suits, topless)

Store all your items in the cabinet so no overspray gets on them

Put up your hair and wait behind the curtain for your artist!

A barrier cream will be place on rough areas and lipbalm will be provided

Your artist will position you for optimal even coverage

Once done areas that crease will be powdered

You are able to dress we recommend leaving off anything tight such as bras or put them on loosely 

After your appointment:

Shower at the 3 hour mark for Express or 8 hour mark for Traditional 

Pat dry do not rub your body

Avoid exfoliants until you start to see your tan fading, once it starts to fade exfoliate thoroughly to remove and start over

Keep skin moistured and hydrated this will help your tan last longer be sure to use a hydrating, fragrance free moisturizer

When cared for properly your tan should last 4 to 8 days!